Maine Department of Education, chapter 104:

Educational Programs for Gifted and Talented Children:       MaineCh104


2017-18 School Year

Identification and Appeals Flow Chart

Parent Referral Form


Gifted and Talented Identification Process

Each year, MSAD 75 conducts a process of screening, identification, and/or review of all students to determine eligibility for gifted and talented support services. Following initial review, identification in subsequent years will be focused on those students entering grades 3, 6, and 9. The annual review process outlined below will serve to ensure that the needs of new students and the changing needs of others are served appropriately in the interim.


The screening process begins with a student nomination. While students can be nominated for gifted and talented support services at any point in the school year, the gifted and talented identification committee follows an annual district-wide screening and review process each spring. A student can be nominated for review by an educational professional, (e.g. teacher, principal, guidance counselor) parent/guardian, or they can self-nominate.

Parents who wish to nominate their child for gifted and talented support services should first consult with their child’s teacher. Parent nominations must be submitted in writing to the district gifted and talented coordinator. (Parent Referral Form)


MSAD 75’s Identification Committee meets in the spring of each year to review all data on students, to request additional data as needed and to identify students eligible for MSAD 75 gifted and talented services. The identification committee includes a minimum of three qualified professionals, including but not limited to one administrator, one G/T staff member, and one classroom teacher or other professional educator with appropriate expertise.

The responsibilities of this committee are to review the information collected on students who have met the screening criteria, to collect additional information as needed, to identify students eligible for gifted and talented services based upon an in-depth assessment of the collected information, to oversee the annual review of the identification process, and to ensure that the identification process is equitable.


Parent(s)/guardian(s) are notified in writing of their child’s identification status. The parent letter for identified students includes a request for written parental permission for the child to receive gifted and talented services. Written notification of gifted and talented identification is also provided to the student’s teacher(s) and principal.